The Warrior’s Guide To Worlds at War: The Dragon has Awakened (Book Two)

Worlds at War front coverIntroduction

This Nation faces a potential crisis on an unprecedented scale.  Never in our history have so many Warriors experienced so much combat; the killing, the loss, the sense of abandonment and alienation from the country they fought to defend.

The War Between Worlds will discuss in brutally honest fashion, exactly what lies ahead for our young men and women, our Heroes from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This work is a startling glimpse into their brave hearts and the wounded souls of those who would die for what they believe in.

The focus of this book is to acknowledge the sacrifices of our Warriors, to explain the perils of their now uncertain futures and to describe in detail just how “their” lives will affect this society for generations to come.   It has been my honor and privilege to speak with thousands of Combat Troops, the sons and daughters, the mothers and fathers, Warriors all, caught in the traumatic aftermath of war.

I have listened to their stories, their nightmares, and their pleas for help.  As one female Soldier said to me, “Sometimes you have to forget how you feel, and remember what you deserve.” And what they deserve is to be acknowledged for their service, thanked for their sacrifices and honored for who they have now become.

No one comes back from war unchanged, no one.  It is not humanly possible.  When you kill another human being for the first time, something painfully changes inside of you; the innocence of youth is gone forever.  When you embrace a wounded friend in your heart and sometimes in your arms and watch them die, something profound changes inside of you.  And yet, this is the inescapable Code of the Warrior:  Living by a Creed that pushes us beyond the limits of human endurance and into another world, another reality in which we fight for our very lives in a society we died to protect.

How then do we adapt to a world we no longer fit within, a world that in so many ways has become meaningless to who we as Warriors have now become?

If you as the reader do not choose to hear the Warrior’s Story, to hear the truth as we “feel” it, then read no further.  As with The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity, this book is the vivid reality of life as seen through the eyes of a Combat Warrior.  It is written from my own heart, not only to my Brothers and Sisters, but to those having never walked out onto the battlefields of death, that perhaps they may glimpse the world we live in every moment of our lives, and then not be so quick to judge us for what we are.

I now welcome you into the Inner Sanctum of the Warrior’s World, a world of honor, courage, discipline, and self-sacrifice.

So then, with body armor secured, weapons locked and loaded, our mission begins.

We have just walked “outside the wire.”

Stay frosty, but be advised, “I’ve got your six!”

This book is dedicated to our brave Warriors

From the Afghanistan and Iraq Theaters of War.

They are the true Heroes of this nation. I am

Honored to call them not only “Friend” but my Fellow

Brother and Sister Warriors as well.

They carry on the tradition of the Warrior Class, by

Living the Code of Honor.

My deepest respect to you all.

Table of Contents

Section 1.1: My Friend the Beast

Section 3.1: Your Journey to the Summit: Warrior Tools for Survival

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