Combat Warrior Safe Zone

Over the past two years of talking to thousands of Afghanistan and Iraq Combat Warriors, I have listened and asked just what you need, want and expect, both while still active military and discharged.  “Combat Warrior Safe Zone” is addressing these issues…it is “just” for you Combat Warriors! Lets be real blunt here.  To me a Veteran is anyone who walks off the Battle Field, in or out of the military.  So when I say Veteran, I mean a Combat Veteran of War, a battle tested, battled hardened, live by Honor, locked and loaded, no bull shit Warrior.

Combat Warrior Safe Zone
Reshaping Lives Forged in the Crucible of War…
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Here is a speech I gave to combat troops returning from Afghanistan at Fort Polk Louisiana
Learn from Combat Vets who know it really does get better…
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The fact is,  “Combat Warriors only want to talk to Combat Warriors!” This is why my team and I are working with the Military Order of the Purple Heart on a Mentor/Peer Counselor Program to help link you up with a “REAL” live fellow combat Veteran to talk with…any time you’d like.  The great part of this new program, is that to be in the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) you have to get wounded in battle, thus the name.  So every single person you talk with, has been where you are right now, and all 40,000 of them want to help you young Warriors…yesterday!! While we are setting this new site up, if you have any questions about anything, and would like to talk…go to the “Need Help, Right Now” icon with the picture of the “Combat Veteran” with his M-4 and you will get a contact number for the New Mexico Purple Heart Commander, Pete Comstock.  Pete is a Silver Star winner, Combat Vet. And go to the “Give us Your Feed Back” icon and do just that.  For example, many Troops have told me, “I know I have Combat Stress, but I can’t go up the chain of command without my fellow Warriors distrusting me, and it going on my record!” Many discharged Troops have said ” I don’t want shit from the government, and don’t want that bull shit PTSD stamp on my records or my forehead!”. That’s why we’re gonna hook you up with the Purple Heart Vets, who can confidentially talk with you, help you figure out financial problems, benefits (if you want) and walk by your side (covering your six!) if you want to get some help at a Vet Center. Think of them as your Combat Hardened Mentors or your Coach!  They’ve figured out how to make it as a Warrior in the Civilian World. They will help you do the same. Choppers are on the tar mac, door gunners at the ready for extraction!  You call…we lift off to your LZ! This page is a work in progress so check back with us as we make more changes.  Give us some feedback about what you’d like to see below. Sgt. Brandi….standing by!

If you would like to discuss any challenges you may be dealing with, please contact me. (