The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity: Traumatic Stress and Life (Book One)

cover: quarter sizeI wrote A Warrior’s Guide to Insanity in 2007 after years of dealing with post combat issues and all that shit and now I have it under control wanting to help others. It’s about my experiences as a combat rifleman and over 38 years of living with Post Traumatic Stress which has given me a unique understanding of how Veterans may in fact deal with the traumas of war, while living a productive life in the process. My intent was to allow the reader to look into the very private world of the Warrior and in true Marine Corps fashion, discuss the subjects of killing, loss, survivor guilt and the full spectrum of emotions that our Young Warriors face today. This is a “must read” book for anyone suffering from traumatic stress, both military and civilians alike. But be advised and prepared, it is brutally open and honest.

This book is dedicated to my Brother and Sister Warriors as well as their Families, Loved Ones and Friends. To all those now suffering the aftermath of war, I say to each of you, live by Courage, the strength of a Warrior and hold fast to the Sacred Code of Honor.

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The Second Edition includes a Prologue, addressed to the family and friends of Warriors.

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