Veterans across the country, from land, air and sea campaigns across the generations, from all branches of service, former officers and enlisted, in and out of the service are organizing and volunteering to step up to help.

Whether it’s a problem in school, making a career choice, finding a job, dealing with the pain of war, challenged with a business problem or finding access to health care there is most likely a network of veterans who’ve organized to help you.

Many veterans of past campaigns volunteer as personal advisers, consultants, and give of their time to help where there is a need.

I network and consult with numerous veterans to get input into new ways to help our returning troops make a smooth transition back to normal life.

Others build their own personal network of resources to achieve their educational objectives, deal with business problems or figure out how to solve a personal problem.

I get calls all the time from veterans who want to know how they can help. You are truly part of a brother/sisterhood of warriors.

Know you are never alone no matter how bleak it may seem at the moment. It’s a matter of maintaining awareness of on and off-line resources, building your own network of resources and not being hesitant to make contact or ask for help.

Be sure to check the Vet Center Icon on the banner of this website for a Vet Center nearest you.  This is a place you can walk in and get help on the spot.

Here’s some great resources worth knowing about:

  • Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America for assistance and a lot of information
  • Military.Com   for a lot of really good information…a great website.
  • Military Times for information and assistance on all branches of the Military
  • Marine Corps Times for latest news, information and assistance for Marines
  • Navy Times for the latest news, information and assistance for Sailors
  • Army Times for the latest news, information and assistance for Soldiers
  • Air Force Times for the latest news,information and assistance for Airmen
  • Conservative poet and activist, Roger W Hancock, has an incredible number of useful links on his website,

If you would like to discuss any challenges you may be dealing with, please contact me. (