My Mission is real simple…


Changing and Saving Lives

Brandi Speech Audio book

On the Left: Sgt. Brandi at work on his State Licensed Animal Sanctuary for abandoned and abused farm animals.  It’s called The Olde Windmill Trail Farm Animal Sanctuary in the beautiful high desert of New Mexico, near a little village called Los Cerrillos.
In the Center: Watch Sgt. Brandi discussing adjustment challenges faced by returning combat veterans and strategies to assure a successful transition to a quality life.
On the Right: Listen to the Audio version of “The Warriors Guide to Insanity.”

By helping each and every Warrior understand they’ve walked off the battlefield far stronger than when they walked on, and to then use that strength to overcome the traumas of their experiences.  This allows them not only to understand their feelings about their experiences are normal and to heal, thus preventing them from taking their lives and the lives of others.  It also directs them toward life goals that benefit themselves and their loved ones and leads to a more productive and excellent future.


Explaining how Post Combat Feelings are Normal


The Warrior’s Guide says it all. And once they understand the savage side of their nature, they are on the road to healing.  Sure, there will always be scars, but that’s the price we willingly pay to serve this nation.  And I want them to feel comfortable in remembering the war, the loss of true friends and the pain we’ve shared as Brothers and Sisters.  Because everything we’ve experienced in Battle makes us stronger, wiser and better human beings when we keep that focus;  allowing others to be weaker than we are, and yet to help them to a position of strength that we as Warriors all have.


Focusing on the Needs of the Troops

My primary focus today is our Troops, past and present; they are my Brothers and Sisters, my fellow Warriors.  And I will do whatever it takes to help and encourage each of them on their Journey of Honor.

Family and Friends of Warriors

I’ve added a Prologue in the Second Edition (2010) of The Warrior’s Guide, addressed to the family and friends of Warriors.

Mentoring and Consulting

  • Mentoring Sessions with the troops deploying to and returning from combat
  • Suicide prevention activities
  • Collaborations with collegiate support groups on “Veteran Friendly College” initiatives
  • Advising colleges about program and facility needs of returning veterans
  • Consulting with collegiate veterans and college administrations on veterans challenges

Another Book…

Another book I highly recommend is HEALING SUICIDAL VETERANS: Recognizing, Supporting and Answering their Pleas for Help (October 2009, New Horizon Press) by Victor Montgomery III, MAEd., CMAC, RAS. You may also want to look through my Recommended Reading list.

Working on my next book…

My next book,  The Warrior’s Guide to Worlds at War, the Dragon has Awakened, is getting my focused attention. You can read the first chapter, My Friend the Beast.

I’m also working on what has become the third book,  The Warriors Guide to God and Life.


If you would like to discuss any challenges you may be dealing with, please contact me. (