Sgt. Brandi, USMC

Credentials on Combat Stress Issues


Of The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity:  Thousands of copies now in the hands of Active and Inactive Military personnel, families of Veterans, Clinicians, Media and Civilians supporting our Troops.



The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity has been endorsed and purchased by the Department of Veterans Affairs; is in the process of being purchased by the Veterans Administration;  purchased by the United States Army at Fort Carson;  has been endorsed by the Health Science Center, College of Medicine, Round Rock Texas; endorsed and recommended by Col. Dave Grossman,  a National Speaker and Director of the Kilology program for Veterans and Law Enforcement; and by many private psychologists and psychiatrists working with Veterans and their families.

National Speaker

  • Invited speaker at the American Medical Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) Conference, San Antonio, Texas. Invited by the Defense Centers of Excellence.
  • Invited speaker at the Warriors Resilience Conference, Washington. Invited by the Defense Centers of Excellence, DOD and VA.
  • Invited to the Suicide Prevention Conference, San Antonio, Texas.  Invited by the Defense Centers of Excellence.  A Joint DOD and VA Conference.
  • Sgt. Brandi has spoken on New Mexico Media; KUNM Radio, Quoted on NPR, KKOB, KNME (PBS), Channel Four, (NBC), Gov-16, and others.

Personal History

Was born in San Francisco, California, grew up as an Italian, in the Puerto Rican and African American slums of the city.  Most of what I remember, was running from gangs that outnumbered me and my Native American friend.  My Father and Mother served in WWII.  He was in the Army, and a POW, she was an aviation mechanic for the Navy.

Since I could run, it only made sense to become a jock.  I Played football in high school, between race wars.  Joined the Marine Corps one week after I was 16.  Went active at 17.

After the shit bath in Vietnam, and an honorable discharge in 1969, I logged in over 65 jobs, 5 major career changes and three wives in 39 years.  it took me 20 of those and 5 colleges on the GI Bill to get a degree. I finally graduated from Ohio State University in 1997.  I have a Bachelors (plus 150 units toward my Masters) in science and education.  I taught for six years (4th grand and junior high, History and English).  I liked the kids and teaching, but had to get out after bring’in my rifle to school for parent conferences.  Some of them were just too difficult to deal with.

Now besides giving a 100% effort to help our Young Warriors, with my ex-wife and trusted friend, I’m running a State Licensed Animal Sanctuary for abandoned and abused farm animals.  It’s called The Olde Windmill Trail Farm Animal Sanctuary in the beautiful high desert of New Mexico, near a little village called Cerrillos.

Today, life is damn good.

If you would like to discuss any challenges you may be dealing with, please contact me. (