The Warrior’s Guide to God and Life

The Journey

By Sgt. Intel. Brandi, USMC
Never Retired

Table of Contents



Section One:   The Journey

The Journey Defined

Surrender is not in Our Creed

Improvise, Overcome and Adapt

Take Down the Concertina Wire, but be Ready for Battle

All you Want is a Thank You Away

The Path Winds Uphill all the Way

The Arena or the Stands: do you have a seat?

Look Up! Nothin’s Droppin’ Out of the Sky.

The Yellow Brick Path, or the Bed of Thorns

No Quitters Allowed in My Fire Team

Living Truth is Living Life

Feel your way through life

Section Two:  God, Religion and Philosophy

Consider the Prime Source

Faith is What? Living in Faith?

A Knuckle-Dragger’s View on Organized Religion

  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Buddhism

Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, That be You!

God Doesn’t Sweat the Little Things, He Loves you Anyway

Conceived in Perfection

Talking to the “Commander and Chief”, God

God is on The Line, Don’t Hang Up!

Section Three: What Goes Around Comes Around

There’s No Such Thing as Coincidence

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Get Off the Wheel, it Doesn’t Hurt (in the right place?)

The Elysian Fields or Fly Paradise

Trial By Fire or Purpose for Life?

Section Four:   Inner Peace

Love and Hate: Life or the Living Dead

Inner Peace or Pissed off

Hopeless or Happy, You Choose

A Few Easy Steps and You’re On The Way

You Can’t Hold on To Time, Don’t Try

When in Doubt, Go for the Gut

Section Five:  The Knowing

Light Workers or Dark Workers, Who be you?

To “Know Thyself” is not an X-Ray or a Colonoscopy

The “Knowing” is a Gift, so Unwrap it!

Section Six:  If You Don’t Ask, It Don’t Come (Manifesting)

Manifesting is a Refrigerator Away

Your Desires are God’s Desires

Ask Once, and It Is Given

Desire is not Desperation

Gratitude is the Attitude!

Section Seven:  Saints Among Us



Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha


Peace Pilgrim


Martin Luther King

Section Eight: Respect

Living Souls: How Many Legs Do They Have?

Self Respect

Gaya is Our Gal, Buy Her Flowers

Honor or Dishonor, Strength of our Youth Today

Our Country is not Contrary

The Warrior Citizen

Peace Makers and Warriors, a Good Team

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