Pictures and Videos From the War Zone

Here are some pictures and videos some friends have sent me.

For anything you send me to post here, please give me something like:
“This is my [photo, story, etc.] and I give Sgt. Andy Brandi permission to use it on his website.”

From 1st Sgt. D. R.

This is where me and one of my squads (12 total) got ambushed on April 6th. Langhorst and Hallal were killed, Gentile was shot through the face and neck, Ortiz lost some fingers, Hayes caught frag in the hand and shoulder, Letterman shot through the stomach. We held a casualty collection point and fought for four hours (against about 100 insurgents) before reinforcements arrived. This photo was taken about a month later. I will tell you, when we went through this area again all those feelings came back and were flowing. You know when everything gets bright and you’re seeing 3-D?

Grant Training ISF in Ramadi

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