Stories From Down Range

Memories of War

By Rosalinda Romo

A Cry In the Dark

By Rosalinda Romo


By Gabriel Luera


When the Music Stopped

By Chaplain Jim Higgins


2 Responses to Stories From Down Range

  1. Rosalinda Romo says:

    I am a Combat Veteran from the Panama Conflict “Just Cause”, I know that it was just a short Conflict, but it only takes a few seconds to etch a bad memory in a person’s brain, as you well know. Let’s not forget our fellow soldiers who also suffer from PTSD from Conflicts and Wars that were not so well Publicized. It doesn’t make their tramma any less because their tramma occured in a Conflict that no one remembers that it even happened. Rose

    • Sgt. Brandi says:


      Thank you for the essay and poem…both are powerful statements for any War, and all of the Warriors who fight in them.

      And be advised my young friend, yours is the “FIRST” from any conflict besides Vietnam and the Afghan/Iraq Wars, from a Warrior who would stand up and tell the Truth!! I am very proud of you for doing this…it is an example for all to see. I would like to see other Warriors from the more than 40 conflicts since the Nam…do the same thing.

      You take care of yourself. Stay Low, Stay Frosty and Watch Your Six at all times.

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