Walo Chronicles – Table of Contents

Front Cover Credits
Section One: Human is as Human does

1-1 Don’t Mess with Momma!

1-2 Closet of Bad Juju

1-3 Gotta Hole in Your Soul?

1-4 Are You Shittin’ in Your Mess Gear?

1-5 Flushin’ the Guilt

1-6 Death is Life

1-7 The Forever Tool Box

Section One Summary

Section Two: Paradise in Hell

2-1 The Warrior Monk

1. Chastity
2. Temperance
3. Charity
4. Diligence
5. Patience
6. Kindness and 7. Humility

2-2 All Aboard the Re-Lie-Shun-Ship?: 1 + 1 = 3

2-3 Four Legged Therapists

2-4 The Goddess of War

2-5 Warriors of the New Dawn

Section Two Summary

Book One: The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity: Traumatic Stress and Life (Summary for Review)

Book Two: The Warrior’s Guide to Worlds at War: The Dragon Has Awakened  (Summary for Review)

Glossary of Military Speak, and Catchy Sayings

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