A Cry In the Dark

By Rosalinda Romo

I find myself in this dark and lonely place,

As I feel the walls closing in on me,

I have no where to face.

I reach out above me, hoping to see the light.

But this emptiness inside me makes it hard to stand up and fight.

I can take this pain no longer

And let this man keep hurting me,

I lay here in the darkness hoping to be free.

I wonder if I am to blame for all this misery.

I ask God to hear my voice in my dark and lonely plight.

This way of life is killing me, like a cold hard steely knife.

My heart breaks inside me, while I’m praying to be free.

A little voice inside me is telling me to flee.

I wish it was so easy; I have little ones depending on me.

So, I hold my grief inside me wishing to be free.

It’s been many years now, and nothing new has changed.

I am struggling for survival in this same old desperate place.

God give me strength to stand up for my rights, I say with all my might.

As I finally get up and blindly take my flight.

I know not where I’m going, or what will become of me.

But I have taken my loved ones, and I am glad to finally be free.

It’s been a long hard struggle to start this new found life.

God give me strength and guide me through my hard and troubled strife.

I’ve been working two jobs now to keep this way of life

My children are alone now, sharing in my plight.

How can I survive this; with my children at my side?

And not neglect my loved ones while I struggle with this fight.

I think I’ve found the answer to this dilemma in my life.

I will join the military to support myself and loved ones in this hard and difficult plight.

As I leave my children behind, my heart breaks inside; but I have no choice, to leave them while I struggle with my life.

Someday, I hope they will understand why I left them to go so far away.

God knows this distance from them, wasn’t in my plan.

I have plans to see them soon, and together we will stay.

We shall soon all be safe in this new found place.

We will all be happy, and I will see their smiley face.

The military has other plans for me.

Which makes it hard to return to my family.

Further away I go, to another foreign space.

It seems the answer to my struggle is still a long hard race.

I find myself in Battle in a far and lonely place.

I pray that I will return, to see my children’s face.

I think of them quite often, as I lay myself to sleep.

I pray God will watch over them and keep them safe for me.

The days and nights grow longer, as I miss my family.

I’ve been away a long time now; I hope they still think of me.

Finally the time has come to return; and I pray this time I can stay.

I know that in this time; that I have been away,

There have been many hurts that words just cannot say.

I hope that we can find the way to mend our broken hearts.

And try to understand why we have been so far apart.

Returning has been difficult, but I am stronger than before.

It is much easier now to leave and close behind the door.

It is not you I leave behind, but the life I had before.

I sit here now, far away in my quite space

Thinking of you in my mind, I see your lovely face.

I wish you to know that although we are still apart,

I will always love and keep you both, in the center of my heart.

I give you this so when you feel that you are all alone,

You will know that in my heart you are never far from home.


Love, Mom

Copyright 2011 by Rosalinda Romo. Used with permission.

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