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A few Words are necessary here…


Two years ago, the mission began.  I was watching the News Hour, and my Marine Buddy, Jim Lehrer was ending his program with a scroll down of the dead Troops from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It had only been a short time, that after almost 37 years, I’d finally figured out the Primal Side of our nature, that is, the Beast, the Savage part that was causing the shit bath I’d been living.  That means, all the symptoms that are “Normal” for anyone having lived through war, yet can rip your life apart.

That night, I sat down with my two dogs, very old cat, and a couple glasses of box wine.  And The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity was born.  While the faces of those Young Warriors were fresh in my mind, I began to pen out the topics and content.  It took three weeks to write, and three weeks to type. I self published it, and began the mission…Suicide and Homicide Prevention for our Young Warriors.

From that time, many people have helped in this tremendously important mission.  The following is a list, which continues to grow.  I am deeply grateful to each of them, and it has truly been an Honor to walk down the same trail, knowing that we’ve got each other’s six.

Key Contributors:


  • Brigadier General Loree Sutton, United States Army

Director, Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE); for her enthusiastic encouragement and support along with invitations to speak on the topics of Suicide and Homicide at the DCoE Conferences.

  • Major General Mark and Mrs. Carol Graham, United States Army

For their support and inspiration in helping our Young Warriors, not only in our mission of Suicide and Homicide Prevention, but as examples of Strength and Courage for all of us to follow. General Graham has allowed me the Honor of speaking to his Troops at Fort Carson, Colorado.

  • Command Sergeant Major, Laurence Holland, United States Army (retired)

CSM Holland has been not only a tremendous support to me, but also instrumental with contacts in Washington and in the United States Marine Corps.

  • Brigadier General George and Mrs. Lisa Franzen United States Air Force (retired)

The general and Mrs. Franzen have been critical, not only to me, but to the mission we are perusing. They are instrumental in coordinating political contacts as well as military support for our Troops.

  • Colonel Dave Grossman, United States Army (retired)

COL. Grossman has given me critical advice and has been an inspiration in his mission of working with Law Enforcement and our Troops.

  • Alison Lighthall,  RN, MS
    Combat Stress Specialist at the Soldiers Readiness Center Fort Carson.

She has posted great articles that are worth checking out.

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  • Ms. Karin S. Brandi, President of the Olde Windmill Farm Animal Sanctuary, Successful Artist in the Santa Fe Region

Ms. Brandi is my most trusted friend and confidant, without her compassionate support of my mission for our Young Warriors, I would not be able to leave this facility on speaking tours to  Bases and Conferences around the country.




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