The Warrior’s Guide To Worlds at War – Table of Contents



Section One: Baptized in Blood

1-1 My Friend the Beast

1-2 To Feel the Kill

1-3 Death Before Dishonor

1-4 Between Two Worlds

1-5 Death is a Calling

1-6 Home Is Where the War Is

1-7 The Warrior Trust Bond

1-8 The Dragon Has Awakened

1-9 Section One Summary

Section Two: Life on An Alien Planet

2-1 You Ain’t Who You Used to Be

2-2 Predator and Prey

2-3 Normal is as Normal Does

2-4 Adapting to an Alien Landscape

2-5 Mean and Green Don’t Mean Stupid

2-6 Section Two Summary

Section Three: A Mission for the Future

3-1 Your Journey to the Summit: Warrior Tools for Survival

Your First Tool for adapting to civilian life is, “Proper Attitude.”
Your Second Tool is, “Being Aware of Your Surroundings at All Times”.
Your Third Tool is “Learnin’ Not to Hate”.
Your Fourth Tool is, “Learning to Turtle”.
Your Fifth Tool is, “Controlling the Desire to Kill”.
Your Sixth Tool is “Being Honest with Yourself”.
Your Seventh Tool is, “Dealing with the Opiate, Adrenaline”.
Here’s “A Little Side Line for Civilians”.
Your Eighth Tool is, “Understanding Future Relationships”.
Here’s Another “Little Side Line for Civilians”: Porno
Your Ninth Tool is “Understanding Loss and Grieving”.
Your Tenth Tool is “Understanding Guilt/Survivor Guilt”.
Your Eleventh Tool is “Maintaining a Mission Objective”.
Your Twelfth Tool is “Adapting to the Effects of War; Dreams, Memory Loss, Comfortable Places to Live, etc.”
Your Thirteenth Tool is, “Holdin’ on to a Job?”
Your Fourteenth Tool is “An Ivory Tower Education?”
Your Fifteenth Tool is “Don’t Forget your Big, Hairy Friend; Your Beasty”.

3-2 Warrior Resources, Back Up is Here

3-3 Glossary of Military Speak, and Catchy Sayings



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