thumb3 The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity is a “must read” book for anyone suffering from traumatic stress, both military and civilians alike.


  • More Effective Solutions to Overcoming Combat Trauma and Preventing Suicide: A Primer on How to Use “The Warriors Guide to Insanity

We published this White Paper for four reasons:

1. As a Supplement to The Warriors Guide to Insanity;

The Warrior’s Guide, which teaches us the causes and effects of combat trauma, then offers solutions to dealing with the experiences of war in ways that make us stronger and more productive citizens. Its been widely accepted and endorsed by various stakeholders in the challenge to overcome the effects of Combat Trauma, PTSD, Combat Veteran suicide and homicide in the active military, Guard and Reserves:

  1. By Warriors, struggling with PTSD and other Combat Trauma related issues because it is written by a Warrior, in the battlefield language each of them understands;
  2. By Clinicians, working with Warriors on their Combat Trauma challenges, because it allows them to reach into the hearts and souls of their patients, to develop a “trust bond” that is critical in therapy, and help the Veteran transition into a productive future. It established a communication link between two worlds: the gray world of civilians and the life and death world of the Warrior;
  3. By Military Mental Health Care Administrators, struggling with solutions to the growing suicide and homicide issues because it allows them to reach into the hearts and souls of their patients, developing a “trust bond” that is critical in therapy, and helping the Veteran transition into a productive future. It established a communication link between two worlds; the gray world of civilians and the black and white world of the Warrior;
  4. By Military Commanders, struggling to deal with the Combat Trauma and suicide issues and to get their Warriors the help they need because it offers Troops an insight into the effects of their war experiences, helps them to feel normal and reinforces the importance of getting counseling assistance;
  5. By Veterans Organizations, full of Veteran Warriors still challenged with their own Combat Trauma issues or wanting to understand how they can help their brother Warriors to avoid all the problems they struggled through. Additionally, it offers them a way to reach out to this new generation of Warriors with mentoring support to enhance their futures;
  6. By Collegiate Counseling Centers, attempting to prepare themselves to deal with the challenges returning veterans will be going through as they struggle to make the transition from the military to successfully completing their education;
  7. By Military Dependents and Family Members, as well as average civilians who want to know more about the struggles and challenges their loved ones are going through. Hundreds of responses have been, “I just didn’t understand Combat Trauma or PTSD before!”

2. As a Primer to Use The Warriors Guide as a Teaching and Counseling Tool;

This White Paper has been developed to assist those who are just now getting up to speed on this critical issue today. It provides:

  • An explanation of the Causes of Combat Trauma and provides solutions;
  • A clear analysis of the symptoms of war related trauma;
  • A clear understanding of the obstacles preventing a successful treatment program;
  • Proposed solutions to reaching our Troops and reshaping their lives;
  • A warning for inaction; the unintended consequencesand alternatives;
  • Background information on the cause and effect of Combat Trauma and suggested solutions;
  • A Best Practice Approach for Counselors to consider in using The Warriors Guide in their counseling activities;

3. As a Guide to Influence the Need for Change in how we train and support our Combat Warriors;

If we are to address the needs of this new generation of Warriors, we must not only understand the causes and effects of Combat Trauma, and the special needs of our Young Troops, but we must also change our approach in dealing with the realties of training and deploying our Troops and fighting war. We offer suggestions to change how we handle our Combat Warriors and their emotional needs over time so that we can better shape their destiny and the effectiveness of our country’s fighting forces.

4. As a Foundation for the Solutions to Follow:

We’re working on the following Solution Papers which will be released in the near future:

  • A Combat Warriors Decompression Program – A recommended template for a post deployment decompression program for Combat Warriors and their families. This includes specialized components for those planning to remain in the active military service and for those leaving active military service. The key is to develop safe ways to get them set up with the VA Mental Health Care System, educational advisers, personalized Combat Veteran Mentors so there is never a time when don’t feel supported in or out of the service.
  • Saving the Military Family – What military families need to know and how they all can work together to heal and work toward a productive future while keeping the family unit together.


Let me know if you’d like a printable copy.

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