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29 Responses to Give Us Your Feedback…

  1. Mark O’Byrne says:

    ‘The Warriors guide to Worlds at War’ is great too. Good read for anyone.

  2. Mark O’Byrne says:

    I know guns personally. It’s been about a decade but he’s solid as solid comes. I don’t contact anyone anymore so I haven’t talked to him in years. Gunny it’s Mark and I Love you and what you’re doing brother. If you don’t have ‘Warriors guide to insanity’ then you ain’t a Combat Marine.

  3. My new friend I found at my Shrink’s Office…Dang, I loved more than loved/enjoyed your book, “The Warrior’s Guide to Insanity.” It was as if I wrote the dang thing myself…my friends, few as they are, would testify everything you wrote about I went through and told only my shrink and two (2) people I trusted. 400 relations, 2 long live-in relations, drunks, 16 moves, 15 jobs, constant fights..hermit like living…work, bar, home. Like you, I survive. But I had to contact you. Two of my Vietnam buddies live, that I know of. I have contact with them. I would love to meet you. I read your web and you certainly have extended your reach, but your book was so right on…dang, you told it as it was and as it is….God speed, peace, and the best of what comes next. Sgt. Jake Varela, USMC, 1966-1970. Got plenty to tell you. JV

  4. Hi Sgt. Andy Brandi, I had lunch with Mary-Charlotte Domandi, yesterday and we discussed you and your books. She remembers the interview you had with her from years ago on Radio Cafe. You are doing great good! Your new fan, Sally

  5. Your books are incredible! We have been reading them since I found them on the local VET radio program. Your mind is fascinating and your insights are brilliant. Thank you so much for your wisdom and shared disciplines! Oso Grande, what a concept of self knowledge. Wish you the best in every way!

  6. JONATHAN D SAMPEY ssg,ret. says:

    Wrong about “P.X.” deffinition. On Army instalation, it’s Post (as in Army Post, I live on post, where’s the post liquor store) Exchange! Only on those puke ass “Joint Base” posts where the fly boys are too stupid to understand P.X. do they call it a B.X.

  7. Tom Reinhart, Jr. says:

    Your rifle’s name is “Raptor”? I named mine “Boudica” (after the queen of the ancient kingdom of Iceni). On a more serious note, I’m glad that you offer to help other vets, especially those contemplating taking their own lives. They I’ve had those thoughts too. Anyone contemplating taking their own life must be encouraged that there is hope, and suicide does NOT solve problems – when a person commits suicide their problems still remain. Problems never last forever. There IS light at the end of the tunnel – just because it cannot be seen does not mean it isn’t there! Do NOT give up! The proverbial tunnel may be long and dark, but one must not be a quitter, instead keep driving – he/she will get to the sunshine and rainbow. That might sound somewhat like a corny analogy, but the truth of it still remains. Please use that analogy if it will help other folks!

  8. Sgt Brandi,

    I would first like to thank you for your service and the service you have done off the battle field. I am a Sgt in the Marines as well Sgt Dalessandro and I am about to get out soon. I started a organization called Backpacks for life. I started it because coming back from Afghanistan was one of the hardest things I ever had to over come and it was hard finding people and places to help me out. It took some hard dedication and help from a lot of different people and organizations. I thought how hard it was to find out about these places and that every vet should have theses choices at the tips of their fingers. So I came up with I build backpacks and put resources in them and hand them out to Vets at Stand down events. I would love to talk to you. My cell is …
    All I wish to do is help organization by putting their info in the backs and handing them out to the Vets so they can have options to choose from as I did.

  9. Lee Burkins says:

    MACV-SOG, 5th SFG, SSG combatant here…
    My acronyms for PTSD:
    Para Transcendental Social Departee and Pay The Soldier Dollars
    I work with veterans at in Montrose, CO.
    Teaching vets about the nature of their mind, energy and body and most importantly how to ‘let go’ of the —– that we cling to or clutches us.
    I went through the ‘Nam war then went through the ‘shit’….came out the other side.
    Soldier’s Heart: An Inquiry of War by me…
    Soldiers follow orders, Warriors know their duty. I am honored by all of you who served.

  10. Edwin Moore, COL(Ret), MC, FS says:

    Thank you!!!

  11. Nick says:

    It took me about 6-7 months to read the entire book. I have had to reread the book. my wife and mother also read the book to try to understand me better. Thanks for the book it has helped me through hard times my life. I’m now back from in patient hospitalization and continuing on in therapy. This book has been by my side for a while now. Thanks for the book and continuing to care for fellow Brothers and sisters in arms.

    • Sgt. Brandi says:


      I’m glad the 1st book is helping you! Be sure to send me your mailing address so I can send you book two and three. And it my Honor Brother, to stand by you and all my Brothers and Sisters!! We have only each other in this new battle on the home front. Just remember, that you are normal for what you’ve been through–Normal! Even if the people around you don’t understand why you act as you do. Your people DO understand, are with you, and will not leave anyone behind. This is living the Code of Honor, that few ever really get. Because a “Life Lived by Honor, is a Life well Lived!!” You’re doing it Bro! Always remember too–You are not alone!! I sure as hell got yur six! So do a lot of other old War Dogs just like da Jar Head!!

      OORAH!! Semper Fi!
      Sgt. B.

  12. jbt says:

    You need a facebook page! you could put minimum on it and point them here.
    It just really boosts traffic. You could help so many more. Thanks for what you are doing.

    • Jock says:

      I look after the website for Sgt. Brandi. Thank you for the nice comment. He tells me he has a Facebook page, but doesn’t use it or ever update it. Perhaps you, and other Facebook users, could post links on your pages?

  13. Tonya Quetot says:

    SGT Brandi,

    I found out about your website and books through a woman who I consider my saving Angel. Through her compassion, understanding, and non judgmental I started my road to recover. She asked me to read your books and gave me your web address. After a few months of counseling and many set backs. I bought your two books and downloaded the walo chronicles to my phone. I have enjoyed your books, and can relate to them. You have a way of letting us know that we are not alone and there is hope.

    Thank you so much for writing, being bluntly honest and providing hope through your words.

    • Sgt. Brandi says:


      My Dear Fellow Warrior! You are never alone, and there is always hope when we as a Family of Warriors, stand together to help one another at all times. Remember, that regardless of what you hear from people who do not understand us, YOU are NORMAL for what you have experienced in War. Civilians are insane too. It’s just that our insanity is different than their insanity. And ours is justified.

      A life lived by Honor is a life well lived. And if you live by that Code of Honor, your life will unfold accordingly. Be at ease. We have all walked the same path you now stand upon. There is peace at the end of it, at the summit of self-knowing, and a true joy in living each new day is ahead for you..

      Most Respectfully, Sgt. B., USMC

  14. Pat Vester says:

    I think you spoke with me at the San Marcus Cafe about coming to a mtg on 3rd Tu of the month. Just wanted you to know that I want very much to come but have an MD appt in Alb. Will try and come next month. BTW, I love your website and if you don’t mind I want to make “Jihad This!” as my screensaver (if I can figure out how).

    Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for the invite!

  15. Phillip says:

    Sgt Brandi. Hey Brother it’s been a long time coming that your path crosses mine. You are a true warrior and one to be called brother. I’m simple as you yet complicated dealing with life as you are. I just had to tell ya, you make us Marines happy someone tries to tell the story of how most of us think. No one gets it but us! I am honored to have served in the same branch as an exceptional person as yourself. Our fight continues! People do not understand the pressure our brothers and sisters are under just from simple everyday life. I have many brothers who need to read your book or books. I have not even completed the 3rd one which is my first from your collection but, I received it yesterday and I’m on page 112 I can’t put it down! Your message of your not alone rings loud and clear to me. Thank You for your service and sacrifice and your continues service to the warriors in this country! Always remember Brothers In Blood here and there. Errr.

    • Sgt. Brandi says:

      My Fellow Warrior and Brother Marine!!

      Thank you Bro for the letter. Always good to hear from another Jar Head. And if you don’t remember anything else, remember that you are never alone and that no matter how you act out, you are perfectly normal for what you’ve been through…normal.

      Who but another “Blooded” Warrior could ever understand what we think and feel? We live by the Code of Honor, with discipline and self sacrifice to those we love unconditionally. That is, those who deserve our respect, trust and love. And trust must be earned in our Warrior Clan.

      You my friend, as all those like us, are the true heroes of this nation, and the only hope there is to change what now seems to be a spiral into darkness for the America we fought to defend. Strength and Honor will get you through each moment of each day. And a life lived by Honor is a life well lived.

      So then Brother, hold to the Code, remember your strength, and always be proud to be a United States Marine! Oorah!!

      Sgt. B….Semper Fi!….OUT!

  16. Jason Moore says:

    Sgt. Brandi, I am a OEF/OIF veteran recently discharged from the Army(101st Airborne/Air Assault division) for completing my terms of active duty in May of this year. 4 months after i was out i had a breakdown and pushed myself over to the Denver V.A. hospital i was there for 7 day and nurse had read over my file and gave me a copy of your book ” The Warrior’s guide to Worlds at War the dragon has Awakened.” After i read this book i felt more calm with my “BEAST” ( Shadow) i took all the advice the book gave me and even let my Fiance read it and our relationship has never been stronger. I just want to say THANK YOU cause with this book you did save my life and i mean that Sgt. really as i told the nurse this should be a regulation for any veteran to read before they get out

    • Sgt. Brandi says:

      YO! Jason!

      Always good to hear from another Warrior! And I hope this day is going well with “Beast Management”. Thank you for your feedback, and thank you for staying alive to live your life as a True Warrior, living by the Code of Honor.

      Sometimes, in the darkness, we forget our strength, and it helps for a Fellow Warrior to remind us. You are the future of this country, and it is my Honor to call you Brother and “Friend”. I strongly suggest you read Book Three, The Walo Chronicles. So send me your address and I’ll send you a copy, and/or download it free off the website ( as an ebook.

      Hope to hear from you again, and remember…”A Life Lived by Honor, is a Life Well Lived!” I agree too, that every Soldier coming back needs to read these books. If I had some old Knuckle Dragger tellin’ me this stuff, my life would have been a whole lot different.

      Anyway…..HOOAH! And OORAH!! Most Respectfully, Sgt. B…..OUT!

  17. Bill K. says:

    I stumbled onto your site, and would like to compliment you for a lot of wisdom. My son is currently at MCRD, San Diego. I’ve taken the liberty of sharing some of your discussion by letter to him. Though non-military, I find the same experiences and reactions have occurred in my own life as a surgeon, when patients died under my care, and I felt responsible for things I could not completely control. Still have nightmares of operations going bad, though years have passed. And you’re right, time does not matter. Thanks for all the useful information! I’d like to think that being proactive in sharing good intel with my son and opening channels would pay off in the long run.

  18. alex says:

    Recently finished “Warrior’s Guide to Insanity”, Excellent book, truly fills the bill. (I even found it useful for my civie self, honestly!). will be sending it on to my brother-in-law, suffering from Mid-East war ptsd, then on to my nephew, 3-4 tours in Afghan/Iraq. Found it useful in reaching out/talking with vets (lot of homeless in Santa Fe area). thank you for your work, & i will be “talking it up” about your book wherever i see a need/fit. Sgt. Brandi, you rock, Sir, yes Sir!
    (i notice you said comments on website, hope ‘sokay for this general comment on book itself)

    • Sgt. Brandi says:

      Hope all is well with you this day, and thank you for your posting! Glad you found the book useful, and if you’d like, I can send your brother-in-law and nephew a free book! Both books are free to all Combat Veterans and families. Contact me on my email address and we are good to go!! Sincerely, Sgt. B….Standing By…OUT!

  19. The 1-800 WAR VETS number on should actually be 1-877 WAR VETS.

  20. Norma Rodgers says:

    Dear Sgt. Brandi,
    I saw you speak on Good Morning NM on KOB TV. It took some searching by me to find a way to contact you. I admire all the help that you are giving to our service men and women. My mother came home from the hospital, in Albuquerque, with me the day they bombed Pearl Harbor. she had a brother that was on one of the first ships hit in Pearl Harbor, he survived but many of his buddies did not. My ex-brother in-law and ex-husband were in Korea. My brother-in-law was a gunner on a tank, they had the tank blown up and he was the only one that survived. He was shipped home and luckily had a good support system, but his nerves were never the same.

    I have a grandson that is currently in the Marines, special unit. He was to be shipped out in August, but was parachuting and missed his landing and broke both of his arms. His special trained unit is shipping out but he will not be able to join them, he is very disappointed, but needless to say our family is thankful that he is not going right now, but we are very proud of his dedication to the Marines.

    I saw your need for donations to help with your book distribution. I am a widow and do not have much income, but I would like to help if you will give me the information how how I can do that. I can give a small amount monthly if that will help. I will wait to hear from you. May God bless and keep you safe and keep his blessing on your service to our troops. When I get your information, I will let others in Carlsbad know of the program, I’ll do what I can to help.

    I live in Carlsbad, NM. Would you be able to come to Carlsbad and speak if that can be arranged. We have a preacher here in Carlsbad that served in the Coast Guard. He is a friend of mine and he is very active with all of the local organizations. I’m sure he would be glad to help.

  21. debby krikalo says:

    i came across your site in search of assistance for my veteran husband and his companion cat ronin. we are in a financial bind and i am calling and contacting everyone i can think of. as you can see i have my own website where i make blankets for veterans…and i saw you offer help for non profit status..we will be applying for food stamps and i feel strongly that since ronin is mikes companion animal that dhhr should allow pet food/litter on that…and this may sound silly but hell put a cat on benefits as well…ronin helps my husband so much and he would just die if he didnt have ronin. any assistance is much appreciated. thank you,debby

    • Sgt. Brandi says:


      I hope this day is a good one for you. And thank you for helping our Veterans!!! I completely understand about the little friend Ronin helping your husband. Animals are my touch and grounding point to partial sanity and my life would be in deep shit without them. They are my teachers, my guides and my touch with my own humanity.

      These are difficult times for all of us Debby…especially the thousands of Troops about to return to the States, with no jobs, no families, no friends and at least 1 1/2 years to wait for help from the VA. If I may ask, is your husband a Vietnam Vet, or what war era did he serve? Either way, I’d like to send him the books I wrote (free) so that he may throw a few tools in his back pack…to adapt to this world that we ALL struggle within. There is a free Audio book of Book One on the site, and free ebooks for both if that would be easier to read? So if you’d like, send me your mailing address.

      The memories for all of us remain in our minds for life, but we can adapt ways to cope with that so life becomes a lot more tolerable. I hope your husband will find that possible, since it is never too late. The memories he has are as real today and when they happened…time does not make them fade away…only working through them allows us to gain a few moments of well earned peace in our lives.

      Thank you again Debby, for your efforts. It is said “When you give life, Life responds to the Giving” and you are giving. Keep up the Good Fight!

      Most Sincerely, Sgt. B.

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