Brandi In Action…

Previous Speeches

I’ve inserted some excerpts from previous speeches below so you can experience for yourself the potential value of what I do and how that might benefit your situation or needs.

Even though you can get a good idea about content there is no explaining the therapeutic and synergistic impact of what takes place in an actual live presentation. It’s truly amazing what takes place as participants faced with similar challenges connect with me and each other and begin the healing process right in front of your eyes. It’s often an emotionally charged and cathartic experience.

Speaking Fees

My speaking fees are reasonable and flexible depending upon your situation and need.

My primary motivation is helping the troops and veterans dealing with transitional issues, those treating and who care about them. However, I do need to meet my basic needs for travel, living expenses and overcome the lost opportunity for the income I give up by not doing something else.

If you would like to discuss your special needs and financial abilities, Contact Me at your convenience.


If you would like to discuss any challenges you may be dealing with, please contact me. (