My Current Focus

The subject matter most requested when talking to the troops is what I talk about in the Warrior’s Guide and my other speaking engagements:

  • Suicide and Homicide guilt
  • General guilt or regret issues
  • Survivor guilt
  • Loss of True Friends
  • Controlling rage
  • Desire to continue killing
  • Trust and determining who the enemy is now
  • The primal/savage side of our nature
  • Family issues with spouses, parents and children
  • The need for combat adrenaline
  • Returning from war as a changed person
  • Establishing goals for the future
  • Methods of dealing with the stress and identifying the trauma

I also talk to Vet Groups on college campuses such as recently at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Co.

Engagement Activities

My speaking engagements are typically multi-faceted and involve speaking to several different groups over a two day period. Here are a couple of examples:

For troops deploying to or returning from combat:

o Meetings with Senior Officers and NCO’s

o Meetings with troops with Combat Trauma

o Presentations to various Combat Brigades

For Colleges and Veterans Clubs:

o Meetings with Counselors and administrators

o Presentations to students and the general public

Future Availability

I attempt to do talks three weeks apart to give me time to wind down and prepare for my next engagement. Thirty day notice is best to give me time to prepare for your situation. Sixty days notice is best. More is better.  I have several openings left this year.

Previous Speeches

I’ve inserted some excerpts from previous speeches below so you can experience for yourself the potential value of what I do and how that might benefit your situation or needs.
Even though you can get a good idea about content there is no explaining the therapeutic and synergistic impact of what takes place in an actual live presentation. It’s truly amazing what takes place as participants faced with similar challenges connect with me and each other and begin the healing process right in front of your eyes. It’s often an emotionally charged and cathartic experience.

Speaking Fees

My speaking fees are reasonable and flexible depending upon your situation and need.  See my Fee Schedule below for more detail.

My primary motivation is helping the troops and veterans dealing with transitional issues, those treating and who care about them.  However, I do need to meet my basic needs for travel, living expenses and overcome the lost opportunity for the income I give up by not doing something else.

If you would like to discuss your special needs and financial abilities, Contact Me at your convenience.



As a little back ground, my Mentoring Combat Veterans, Changing and Saving lives work is done on a volunteer basis.  I’m devoted to helping my Brothers and Sisters avoid all the challenges and tribulations that I wasted time going through, so they can get forward focused on achieving a positive future. No one supports me or sponsors me.

I also run an Animal Sanctuary to help distressed farm animals live the balance of their lives in a positive, loving environment, again with no sponsors or contributors. All of my “life support expenses” and taking care of the animals comes out of my disability check each month.

As a result, my fee structure is based upon my necessity to pay for my situation.  I don’t have the ability to do my public speaking engagements without getting money to pay for travel and lodging necessities in advance.  Because of this I don’t have the ability to participate in the many speaking opportunities I’m offered, and regrettably have had to decline a number of them.  The money paid in advance is to hire care-takers for the animals at our Sanctuary in my absence as well as money for out-of-pocket travel expenses.

Standard fee:

$1,250 per day.  Special arrangements or prorated adjustments may be possible in the event of special circumstances.  On military bases, there is a $2,500 limit on speaker fees, and this is usually within the limits of the budget.


Lowest, full refundable coach airfare*, ground transportation, meals not to exceed $50.00 per day.  No other miscellaneous expenses will be charged to the client.

* Airfare will be prorated if trip is part of a multiple city tour.


A room with a guaranteed late arrival for the evening prior to the program.  Please arrange for use of the hotel room for two hours following the end of the presentation. A room on a lower floor close to the elevator is preferred.  On military bases, I prefer to stay on base if possible.  This allows more contact with the Troops and less travel time to presentations.


There will be a 25% charge for any booking canceled within 30 days of the event.  All other cancellations are fully refundable.


One half of the fee is required in advance to confirm the speaking date.  Balance is due 2 weeks prior to date of the program.   Expenses will be billed and are due and payable within 10 days of receipt of invoice.

If you would like to discuss any challenges you may be dealing with, please contact me. (sgtabrandiusmc@gmail.com)