How to screen for Veteran Friendly Colleges

I’ve been consulting with colleges lately on how to update their programs to be more veteran friendly.

Ultimately where to go to school comes down to the schools proximity to your home and family, your career objectives and individual needs. Also, what is “Veteran Friendly” to you may not the same for one of your buddies.

As you consider your college plans you might find it helpful to review the information below I’ve developed with some of my veterans issues advisers who went to school on the GI Bill themselves and are constantly staying on top of what programs work best for our returning troops.

To help you evaluate your educational choices we’ve put together a check list of some of the important criteria important to veterans today based upon current research. Click on the link below and print out a check list to use to evaluate each college or trade school you are considering.

“Veteran Friendly” College Evaluation Check List

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